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Frequently asked questions about CCTV

Find out answers to the most common questions we get asked about CCTV.

Who is responsible for CCTV cameras across the city?

On behalf of the Safer Swansea Partnership (SSP), the Council operates cameras in external locations across the city. The main system currently consists of 64 cameras throughout the local authority area, including in Morriston, with 43 in the city centre. All these cameras cover a defined area and are primarily used to deter crime. The cameras can help the police identify offenders and collect evidence for a court prosecution.

There is a dedicated control centre, which is a restricted and secure centre operated in accordance with Home Office guidelines. SSP CCTV operators have a direct link with the police, and can feed images to the police control room when relevant, reporting incidents immediately. This communication works both ways, and the police may contact the SSP CCTV Unit to request monitoring of an incident.

All Safer Swansea Partnership CCTV operators have undergone formal training and achieved a recognised qualification in the operation of CCTV. They operate according to the Council's CCTV policy and the Information Commissioner's Office code of practice.

For general enquiries about the Safer Swansea Partnership cameras, contact:

Gareth Pritchard on Tel: 07917 200079 or email

The Neighbourhood Support Unit also has a system which the Housing Department is responsible for. These cameras are primarily located in Council housing schemes as outlined below.

For general enquiries about these cameras contact:

Mike Price on Tel: 01792 513940 or email

The Council also operates cameras in its civic buildings, offices and other places of work. For general enquiries about internal CCTV systems, please contact the Swansea Council switchboard on Tel: 01792 636000.

Where are cameras located?

There are 2 PTZ (Pan Tilt and Zoom) cameras in Morriston on Woodfield Street and Morriston Cross.

The remainder are at the following locations:

  • Wind Street
  • Quay Parade
  • Little Wind Street
  • York Street
  • Castle Square
  • St Mary's Square / Princess Way
  • College Street
  • High Street
  • Grand Hotel
  • High Street Railway Station
  • Grand Theatre car park
  • Plymouth Street
  • Nelson Street
  • Oxford Street
  • Whitewalls
  • Westways
  • George Street / St Helen's Road
  • Kingsway
  • Northampton Lane car park
  • Mansel Street / Christina Street
  • Craddock Street
  • Pell Street car park
  • Park Street
  • LC
  • Marriott Hotel
  • Strand car park
  • Parc Tawe
  • Council Depot Pipehouse Wharf
  • Fabian Way park and ride
  • Landore park and ride
  • Fforestfach park and ride
  • St David's car park
  • Garden Street car park

The Neighbourhood Support Unit cameras consist of 30 cameras which are located within hotspot areas in the residential areas of Swansea.

There are 9 PTZ cameras in Townhill and Mayhill on:

  • Powys Avenue
  • Pen y Graig
  • Cadwalder Circle
  • Mayhill Shops
  • Townhill Road
  • Ceri Road
  • Gwili Terrace
  • Gors Avenue / Dewi Terrace
  • Gors Avenue / Gwent Road

There are 6 PTZ cameras in Blaenymaes on:

  • Rhodffar Brain
  • Heol Calvin
  • Broughton Avenue
  • Portmead Avenue
  • Woodfood Road
  • Penplas Road

There is 1 PTZ camera in Swansea Road, Waunarlwydd.

There are 4 PTZ cameras in Penlan on:

  • Heol Emrys / Tudno Place
  • Heol Emrys
  • John Penry Crescent
  • St Clears Place

There are 2 PTZ cameras in Clase on:

  • Longview / Hillview
  • Solva Road

There are 5 PTZ cameras in Trallwn and Bonymaen on:

  • Mansel Road
  • Caernavon Way
  • Cillgerran Place
  • Rhyd Y Felin
  • Tegfan

There is 1 PTZ camera in Tyle Teg (Hillpark Crescent), Clydach.

There is 1 PTZ camera in Parc Avenue, town centre.

There is 1 PTZ camera in Aneurin Way, Sketty.

The civic buildings also have 2 systems for which Corporate Facilities is responsible. These cover the Civic Centre and Guildhall council offices. The Civic Centre consists of 84 cameras, 25 external and 59 internal. The Guildhall consists of 9 cameras, 7 internal and 2 external. There are also CCTV cameras in most Council-run buildings, such as libraries, community centres, District Housing Offices and Social Services facilities. These are maintained and operated by the staff on-site.

What is the annual sum spent on cameras?

Spend on cameras for 2018/19:

  • Council Public Space CCTV service - £340,000
  • Housing Service Neighbourhood Support Unit - £258, 871

Spend on cameras for 2017/18:

  • Council Public Space CCTV service - £340,000
  • Housing Service Neighbourhood Support Unit - £258, 871

Spend on cameras for 2016/17:

  • Council Public Space CCTV service - £340,000
  • Housing Service Neighbourhood Support Unit - £258, 871

Spend on cameras for 2015/16:

  • Council Public Space CCTV service - £406,000
  • Housing Service Neighbourhood Support Unit - £236,107
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