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Langland beach huts frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about Langland Bay beach huts.

How do i collect my keys?

The licence of a hut starts on the first day of the month and terminates on the last day of the month of the period.

At the beginning of the letting, keys will be available for collection from the kiosk located at the Recreation Ground Car Park, Mumbles Road, Brynmill, SA2 0AU on any weekday (excluding bank holidays) between 8.00am and 3.00pm, where a member of the Outdoor Leisure Team will be happy to assist. 

At the end of the letting keys must be returned to the same location, during the same times, and on or before the last day of the month.  

Where start/end dates fall on weekends, please see exceptional arrangements:

End of the letting 
Sunday 31 May - return keys on 1 June
Bank Holiday Monday 31 August - please return keys on 1 September 

Start of the letting                                                                                                                                                                                  
Saturday 1 August- key collection will be available between 10.00am-2.00pm on this day. 

Further enquiries on key collection can be made by phone on 01792 635718 or 01792 635411.

How do I apply for a hut?
Applications are available online in January each year. The application process closes in early February and there is a draw for huts to ensure fairness. We will email you to tell you if you have been successful and you will have 10 days to make your payment and secure your booking. 

How accessible are the huts?
Huts 1-10 have a grassy slope in front of them, but they can be accessed by a path that runs to the side of number 10. There are disabled parking spaces behind the block of huts. Huts 11- 20 are only accessible via steps. Huts from 80 back are closest to the public toilets.

Do the huts come with electricity and water?
The huts do not have electricity or mains water to them.

Can I pick which hut I have?
The draw for the huts is completely random to ensure everyone has fair opportunity. However should you have any special requirements that we need to take into consideration this can be mentioned.

Can I use BBQs in front of my hut?
We would advise that BBQs are not used in front of the huts. The walk way in front of the hut should be made clear at all times to ensure the right of way is maintained.  

Are dogs permitted on the beach?
Langland Bay has a seasonal dog restriction. This means that dogs are not permitted from using the beach from 1 April to 30 September.  

Can I make changes within the hut e.g. put shelves up?
No hard changes are allowed to the huts. Any internal furnishings must also be removed at the end of your licence.

How do I report damage?
All damages must be reported to Swansea Council's Cultural Services department on 01792 635718 or 01792 653973.

What facilities are nearby? 
The beach has a number of cafes and restaurants that sell refreshments, along with a toilet and shower facility located at the east side of the beach next to hut number 80.

Can I use my beach hut to display posters or advertising?
No advertising can be displayed on the huts and externally the huts must remain the same as when you received it.

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