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National Participation standards

The National principles for public engagement.

What are the National Participation Standards? -  PDF Document Do we meet your standards? (PDF, 128KB)Opens new window

How do the National Participation Standards link to the National Principles for public engagement?

The National Principles for public engagement are:

Principles and not standards.  They are an overarching set of principles aimed at Public Service organisations across all sectors in Wales.  They aim to sit above any specific standards that you may already be using eg. Standards for Children and Young People, Social Service Improvement Agency standards and are intended to compliment them.  They aim to offer a consistent approach and good standard for public engagement across Wales.

How do we measure Participation against the National Participation Standards?

Step 1

Download guidance and self assessment template -

PDF Document Participation methods (PDF, 834KB)Opens new window  PDF Document Self assessment pack (PDF, 1MB)Opens new window

Step 2

Complete a draft self assessment based on your work in relation to the 7 Participation Standards.

Step 3

Email your completed self assessment to the Participation Team at 

Step 4

Complete and agree an action plan with support from the Participation Team.

Step 5

Agree a programme of support and timeframe, including meeting dates to review progress.

Step 6

Once meeting standards, arrange an inspection through young inspectors project.

PDF Document Standards audit (PDF, 117KB)Opens new window

Central support

The Participation Team within the Children and Young People Strategy Unit will provide guidance, support, training and quality assurance.  The Participation Team can be contacted at

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