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Gower College - UPOSS

Considers the Welsh Government's policy Extending Entitlement.

Gower College Swansea

Aim of Project

In considering the Welsh Governments policy Extending Entitlement, which outlines the need for all young people to have access to their entitlements including those that have temporarily dropped out or are sidetracked from mainstream routes of transition, this project will aim to address these issues within the City & County of Swansea. 

Gower College Swansea to allocate additional hours for college staff and lecturers to interface with pre 16 schools and educational providers, in particular STF units, Step Ahead and Pen-y- Bryn Special School. 

The purpose will be:

  • To focus on the planning and management of transition and admission of vulnerable young people to the College.
  • To identify the most appropriate pathway and to assess learning and support needs required for the learner, prior to starting at Gower College Swansea
  • To develop collaborative working practices between pre 16 schools and the College through exchange of knowledge and skills thus enabling learners to experience successful transition. 


  • Identification of key college staff from Learning Support Teams in order to identify a named transition contacts for groups of schools and Swansea educational providers
  • Dissemination of key information and good practice to teaching staff at the College
  • College inclusion at existing Special School, STF and SENCO networks to build understanding of all staff to the needs of ALN pupils and how these can be best managed within the College learning environment
  • Collation of information available on the College Website 
  • To take part in a dissemination event for to share best practice at the end of the term of the UPOSS grant funding 2012/13


  • Swansea LA
  • Ysgol Penybryn
  • Stepahead Centre
  • STFs - at present Cefn Hengoed


  • Improved coursing of learners and increased retention.
  • Improved communication and collaborative working practices. 
  • An integrated service delivery approach to operate in terms of identification, engagement and support for Step Ahead and STF pupils into FE.
  • Increased well being, skills and knowledge of pupils enabling them to successfully progress into FE whilst also developing the positive inclusion policy currently managed within Swansea Schools. 
  • Reduction in the number of NEET ALN pupil's transition into FE. 
  • Improved knowledge of all staff supporting the transition of ALN pupils into college and to be included in the established ALN training and development programmes for ALN teachers.
  • Improved communication with stakeholder groups, pupils, parents/carers and services


Further activity:

  • Preparation of information leaflets for dissemination to external staff and students
  • Development of a dedicated assessment tool to aid transition for Independent Living Skills Learners ( ILS)
  • Creation of an action plan following review and evaluation of the work completed so far
  • Further establishment of contact networks and partnership working. 
  • Identification of further training needs following project

Evidence & Data:

  • Staff identified to receive additional hours to focus on project
  • School Liaison activity increased for Step a Head and Brondeg House 
  • 56 ALN External reviews and interviews held
  • 58 ILS Individual reviews attended 
  • Open days and Induction tours held for ILS Learners and Parents/Carers 
  • STF Handbook compiled and disseminated at SENCO Meetings
  • Communication Imprint and Makatron training attended by key College staff 
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