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The difference between statutory members, invited participants and other partners

The four Statutory Members are the formal decision makers who are responsible for the functioning and activities of the Board. They are required to participate under the terms set by the statutory guidance.

The four statutory members of the Board are:

  • The City and County of Swansea (Leader and Chief Executive)
  • Swansea Bay University Health Board (Either the Chairman, Chief Executive or both)
  • Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service (Either the Chairman, Chief Officer or both)
  • Natural Resources Wales (Chief Executive)

Invited participants must be invited to participate in the Board by law although they are not required to accept the invitation.  Once they accept the invitation, however, they will participate in the same way as a statutory member except they will not be involved in formal decision making.  They are entitled to make representations to the board about the assessments of local well-being and local well-being plan, take part in Board meetings and provide other advice and assistance.

The participants who must be invited are:

  • The Welsh Ministers
  • The Chief Constable of South Wales Police
  • The South Wales Police and Crime Commissioner
  • Probation Service Representative
  • Swansea Council of Voluntary Services

Invited participants will be asked to join the Board via a letter from the chair setting out the reasons for the invitation and the expectations upon the invitee.

Other Partners are those organisations in the area who exercise functions of a public nature and who:

  • have a material interest in the well-being of the area
  • deliver important public services
  • are involved in the in the preparation, implementation and delivery of the work of the board

 These partners will include, but are not limited to:

  • Community and Town Councils
  • Public Health Wales
  • Wales Ambulance Service NHS Trust
  • Community Health Councils
  • National Park Authorities
  • Further or Higher Education institutions
  • Arts Council of Wales
  • Sports Council for Wales
  • National Library of Wales
  • National Museum of Wales

Other Partners must be engaged in the work of the Board and may also be invited to be participants. 

Having joined the Board, other partners will participate in meetings in the same way as other invited participants.

The current list of invited participants can be found in the A General Guide to the Public Services Board

Other bodies, such as private companies, can be asked to make representations to the Board but organisations that do not exercise functions of a public nature cannot be invited to be involved as a participant.

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