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Best Start - Play

We play with our children to have fun and keep active.

Sammy Jack

Playing together with our children is one of the most important aspects of giving them the best start in life. But why do we play with our children and what do they get out of it?

Playing together helps our children learn to:

  • walk, run, jump and balance
  • take turns and make friends
  • explore their emotions and their feelings
  • develop curiosity about what is around them and what is interesting
  • develop their hand eye co-ordination
  • strengthen their bond with you, and others
  • keep active and healthy
  • rough and tumble play can help to get ready for life

Research shows that the children who play and talk with their parents when they are very young are often the ones who do best in school.

Play with me with a smile, not a screen.

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Top tips for play

Top tips for play

Top tips for interacting with your children through play.

Where to play

Where to play in Swansea

Ideas for play around Swansea.

Other resources for play

Other resources for play ideas

Other resources that you mind find of use.

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