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Best Start - Routines

We have routines to help our children concentrate and feel secure.

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Routines can help to create healthy habits, and also be a practical and fun way to get ready for learning. Routines can be different for your family to others.

Routines can help to:

  • start health habits like brushing teeth and washing hands
  • create a good bedtime experience
  • encourage positive behaviour
  • keep children safe - like washing your hands before eating, or holding an adult's hand when crossing the road
  • prepare children for the structure of nursery and school
  • a good night's sleep will help with brain development
  • give you some ME time!

A routine doesn't mean that every minute of the day must be rigidly scheduled - flexibility matters.

Routines don't have to be boring. They should include fun activities and things to look forward to.

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Top tips for creating good routines

Top tips to help establish good routines.

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Other resources to look at for ideas on establishing routines

Some other resources you might find useful.

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