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Best Start - Top tips for play

Top tips for interacting with your children through play.

Top tips for play
  • You don't need expensive toys to play, old egg boxes and plastic bottles can become rockets.
  • Water fights on hot days can be a great way to cool down, keep active and have fun together. Any plastic container can be used.
  • Role play games from an early age can be a great way to learn and enjoy quality time together.
  • Build a den! Indoor dens from blankets and a clothes horse can be amazing, and for the more adventurous why not go outside and build one in the garden or local park.
  • Set up a messy play or sensory area. Water/sand/foam/glue/glitter and paint can be fun. This can always be done outdoors.
  • Once your baby reaches 7 to 9 months they may begin to be able to sit up on their own. They will enjoy the sound, the feel and the freedom of splashing in the bath. Remember never to leave your young one in the bath unattended.
  • Let your child make up a game. The rules are not important, the time together is what counts.


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