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Best Start - Keeping healthy

We look after ourselves and our children by trying to be healthy.

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Keeping healthy can help:

  • with routines before bedtime, like brushing your teeth
  • us spend time with our children, like going on a walk in the woods together
  • teach our children about healthy eating habits
  • provide the right advice about health matters
  • keep up to date with immunisations
  • avoid future health problems as our children grow
  • us play with our children
  • our enjoyment of our time with our children.

Flu spreads easily and can be serious. Children in particular can pass the virus to each other quickly. Find out if your child is eligible for a vaccine to help protect them and help stop flu spreading: NHS Direct Wales Flu checker

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Top tips for keeping healthy

Top tips for keeping your family healthy.

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Other resources for keeping healthy

Other resources that you mind find of use.

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