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Rubbish bag

Commercial waste sacks

You may decide, or be required, to use rubbish sacks to store your businesses waste rather than wheeled bins.

White sacks

White commercial waste sacks are issued to businesses in areas such as the city centre where they are unable to have bins. 

This service can be used if:

  • You are only producing small quantities of waste, up to 4 bags per week, and do not require a bin.
  • You have no room to store bins on site.

Contracts will be issued for the equivalent bin capacity, for example 1100 litre is equivalent to 15 bags so the customer will be charged as if they have an 1100 litre bin and be issued with 15 bags per/week. The invoice will show a as an 1100 litre bin.

Businesses are not permitted to put out black bags, they must use the bags provided which are only available from the commercial waste office on a contract. The minimum contract is 1 sack per week.

Pre-paid orange sacks for general waste

Following a review of the commercial waste & recycling service in 2017 we are no longer able to provide prepaid orange sacks if you wish to continue with a bag collection service you will need to sign the minimum contract of one WHITE bag per week at £3 per bag. Please contact us if you require further information.

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