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Cycle network boost for Swansea city centre

Cyclists are getting a boost in Swansea with better and safer cycle ways in the city centre.

Cycling in Swansea

Efforts by Swansea Council to increase the amount of cycle network infrastructure in the city are continuing with £300,000 of investment near the main railway station at High Street.

The works will see sections of cycle track created away from the main road and will aim to link up with future cycle provision within the Kingsway Urban Park development.

The Council is hopeful that improving the cycle network in the city centre will lead to a rise in the number of commuters choosing to hop on their bike to travel to work each day.

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment Services, said: "Creating safe cycle links is vital for cycling to increase and be seen as an alternative transport option for people - especially in the city centre where car numbers are high.

"One key route that we see as important is the north to south route through the city centre and especially around High Street Station.

"The planned Kingsway redevelopment also gives us the opportunity to look at how cycling fits in with the changes along the route."

John Sayce, Chair of Wheelrights said "We welcome the council's commitment to build new cycle and walking routes. This will dramatically improve the possibilities to cycle to work, to the shops or to school.

"Lack of physical activity has been highlighted as the key issue that has to be addressed to improve the nation's health; so more cycle and footpaths like the foreshore route will give people the chance to undertake a regular healthy activity.

"We also know that poor air quality resulting from traffic congestion is blighting people's lives in the city, so high quality traffic-free routes will increasingly offer commuters and shoppers a pleasant and sustainable alternative to the fumes of the motor car."

Another key route that has been upgraded in recent years has been along Fabian Way to coincide with the newly opened Swansea Bay campus. The route has led to an increase in students using it to cycle between the campus and the city centre.

The Council is now supporting Swansea University who has launched a crowdfunding campaign with Santander to bring a bike hire scheme to the city. The University is trying to raise £100,000 in a race to win the scheme which will give the public an opportunity to hire bikes from strategically placed bike stations.

Andrea Lewis, Cabinet Member for Housing, Energy and Building Services, said: "The council is fully supportive of this venture and we would urge others to get behind it and support the university in its efforts to bring this sustainable transport scheme to the city."

All Councils in Wales are also required to develop an up-to-date map of existing cycle and walking routes along with routes that could be developed in future years.

The Integrated Network Map for Swansea was recently submitted after a public consultation where the public could give their views on a series of maps featuring suggested new routes across Swansea.

Cllr Thomas added: "It's important that we look ahead at where future cycle and walking routes can be developed and equally it's important we listen to the public's view on where they should be introduced."

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