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Warning against counterfeit goods this Christmas

Shoppers in Swansea looking for a bargain this Christmas are being urged to avoid buying counterfeit products online.

counterfeit goods

Swansea Trading Standards has issued the warning, highlighting the potential dangers of fake goods being sold via social media sites.

Many items, including electrical goods and beauty products are regularly advertised online and when tested are found to be poor quality and in many cases - dangerous.

Counterfeit items labelled up to be popular clothing brands such as Ugg, Nike and Adidas are being advertised.

Electrical products such as digital cameras and hair straighteners are also been advertised and sold at a fraction of the real items.

Swansea Council's Trading Standards Team is urging the public not to be tempted into buying the fake goods.

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment Services said: "We know that many people are looking for a bargain at this time of year.

"Our Trading Standards Team is constantly monitoring social media sites where counterfeit items are being sold in large quantities.

"Items we have seized so far appear to be poor quality and are of a concern to us in terms of safety, especially electrical items.

"Our advice is simple - avoid purchasing these items if you are hoping to save money and get a bargain. You're not getting a bargain and you are potentially buying a product that is dangerous."

Last year Swansea Council helped seize £1 million of fake goods in a regional operation with neighbouring councils and police. Twelve vans full of goods were pulled over on the M5 on route to Bristol Fruit Market.

Cllr Thomas added: "We are continuing to work with other local councils and police authorities to make sure these fake goods don't get in to the hands of unsuspecting members of the public."

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