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To avoid any disappointment at busy times you can book a computer before you arrive at the library.

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Acceptable use policy

The internet and your responsibility

Swansea Library and Information Service accept no responsibility for the quality, accuracy, validity or availability of information accessed through the internet. As a user, it is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of information that you discover. The Library Service assumes no liability for any loss, damage or injury, direct or indirect, suffered as a result of using the equipment or through the use of its wi-fi facilities (where applicable). Users are reminded that when using facilities it is their responsibility to defend against virus threats and that home computers, laptops and mobile devices should be adequately covered with the latest security software.

Conditions of access

The Library Service provides free access to its computer services for all library members. Library members who owe fees or charges may not be allowed permission to use the computers until outstanding accounts are settled.

Prohibited uses

  • Obtaining, displaying or distributing material which could be considered obscene, pornographic, offensive, racist or abusive.
  • Conducting a business online (this does not include personal financial transactions)
  • Distribution of unsolicited advertising.
  • Attempting to make unauthorised access to other computers or networks.
  • Alterations of the set up of the computers or to the software running on them.
  • Accessing chat rooms.
  • Any illegal activity.
  • The library computers are not intended to be used for the receiving of live TV broadcasts.
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