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Adult education - Lifelong learning

Adult education courses in Swansea.

Spring term

As previously announced, all of our spring term classes were cancelled from 18 March in response to the ongoing Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. Learners who had enrolled onto paid for classes will receive a refund for any remaining sessions of learning that were not delivered.

Summer term

We are currently working through plans to deliver a revised internet based summer term programme. Learners will be able to access free tuition videos, interactive learning sessions and online resources as a part of the programme. We also aim to provide learning support, during the term, via email and learning group forums. Full details of our summer term will be confirmed in due course, with further updates provided via our website and social media.

Fees already paid for our summer term programme will be refunded in the coming weeks.

Essential Skills

Please will Essential Skills learners who have not already been in touch with their tutors but want to continue their learning, contact us via or telephone 01792 637101. New learners wishing to join our Essential Skills classes can also contact us on the above email or telephone number.

You can contact our Lifelong Learning Service via where we will be able to respond to enquiries. You can also contact us on 01792 637101.

For more information on the Coronavirus pandemic and for further council updates and advice, please visit: Coronavirus updates #HereForSwansea


Lifelong Learning Service would like to have feedback from our current learners by asking you to complete the following questionnaire. All responses are anonymous. Thank you for your time.

Lifelong Learning Service questionnaire


Get inspired and try something new!

Our Lifelong Learning programme is full of exciting courses. Learn something new, get creative, improve your health, your wellbeing, your skills or job prospects; all while enjoying the social side of adult learning.

We provide accessible learning opportunities in community-based settings for adult learners (16+) and work to improve and enhance their employment skills and prospects. As a member of the Swansea Learning Partnership, we are pleased to offer a range of non-vocational programmes throughout Swansea, complementing the array of courses planned by our partners in the further education, higher education and voluntary sectors, to provide progression routes for learners.


The Lifelong Learning Service has now relocated from Bryn House to the Civic Centre

Our new telephone number is 01792 637101


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