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High 5 winners 2019

Our 2019 High 5 winners and their stories.

Alex Collins

Achievement Award (Up to 13): Alex Collins

Alex is a very caring young person who loves animals, and regularly visited Llys Nini with his carers.

Osian Pirotte

Inspiration Award (Up to 13): Osian Pirotte

Osian is an inspirational young man who suffered serious health problems in his early life.

Curtis Thomas

Achievement Award (14-19): Curtis Thomas

Experiencing issues within his family home, and faced with homelessness, Curtis had a struggle with substance misuse. However, he made a dramatic change to his life.

Adam Fish

Inspirational Award (14-19): Adam Fish

Despite a difficult childhood and limited positive childhood experiences, through support Adam has started successfully living independently and successfully managed his health issues.

Kirstie Garnett

Education Award (14-19): Kirstie Garnett

Following some family life disruption, Kirstie didn't do so well in her exams, and left school without qualifications. Without a job, she felt very low and spent her days in the house on her own.

Rachael Alexander

Peter Snadden Award for Continuous Learning and Improvement: Rachael Alexander

Rachel suffers from many health hurdles on a daily basis. Her condition means that her joints can spontaneously dislocate, and she cannot go to college or university like a normal teenager.

Saba Humayan

Achievement Award (20-25): Saba Humaya

When Saba first came to Swansea she spoke no English, lacked confidence and self-esteem and struggled with integrating with society.

Kaitlin Davies

Inspiration Award (20-25): Kaitlin Marie Davies

Kaitlin is a young single mother who is raising her 18 month old daughter Ameriah with very limited family support.

Student Police Volunteers

Group Community Award: South Wales Police Student Volunteers

The group, initially set up from UWTSD crime and policing students, but now extended to both city universities regardless of course.

Young Parents Jigso

Ambassador Group Award: Jigso Young Parents Project

This group of young parents have moved from receiving support themselves to setting up their own parent and toddler group for other young parents in their area

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